Intermediate Tutorial

Create Beaded Metallic Text in Illustrator

This tutorial shows you how to create a gradient that, when applied to a circle, provides the illusion of 3D. Beyond that, you can make

Create a Detailed Two-Color Vector Badge in Illustrator

This tutorial will show you how to make a detailed vector badge using a brush, circle, strokes and other components. This is aimed to show

Create Dazzling Vector Fireworks in Illustrator

Fireworks are a beautiful visual spectacle. Discover how to create vector fireworks in Illustrator in this easy to follow tutorial. Created in Illustrator CS6. 1.

Beautiful 3D Text in Illustrator

Illustrator has built-in 3D effects to make 3D text but this process creates better, more manageable results. Using the 3D effects creates way too many

Create Slick Vector Buttons

This tutorial will teach you how to create slick vector buttons that are easily scalable to any size. It's a simple matter of modifying gradients

Create a Realistic LCD Display in Illustrator

I initially meant to keep this tutorial short but I soon found myself on a quest for realism so not only will you learn how

Metallic Stars In Illustrator

This tutorial produces sweet looking metallic stars through the use of careful placement of gradients. Easily reproducible for a text effect as well. Created with